The job seekers are trained in the field of solar system design aspects and erection and maintenance. This training shall be useful for the persons who wish to make their career in the solar technology.


We train persons in the field of operating cold storage so that they can get employment in the cold storages int he country.

Solid/ Liquid Waste Management

We train persons in the new technology of solid / liquid waste management. This is a new area having lots of opportunities for employment.


We provide training to persons in the field of clean environment technologies and innovative products. The trained persons can easily make their own products and sell in the market and make a living.


We train people in the field of renewable energy technologies so that to make their own innovative products and earn a living.

Home Appliances Repair

We train persons in repairing the home appliances an area available for any body any where in the country.

We Can Help You Build Your OWN EMPLOYMENT

We can develop students and jobless persons to make their living in the following areas.

1. Renewable Energy System design.

2. Solar Power Plant Roof Top, Off-Grid , On-Grid

3. Solar Power Plant Ground mounted

4. Energy Conservation measures

5. Energy recycling systems

6. Solar Steam system design

7. Biomass conversion to bio-oil, gas and fertilizer

8. Biomass conversion to Diesel

9. Entrepreneurship Development for students

10. Liquid Waste management

11. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan systems

12. Joint venture for Innovative services/ Products