(Hari Air Fresh) Natural Air Purifier

We have developed a natural way of purifying air. HariAirFresh utilizes pressurised air rain washing and filteration technology to purify air naturally by dissolving impurities in water together with filtering through PM2.5 filter. It does not produce any Ozone which is bad for human body. The natural air purification helps maintain quality air necessary for asthmatic and resipiratory patients for longevity. Ex- Factory price Rs.4995/-


We have innovated universal biogas plant design, which can be scaled to any size, to meet requirement of each segment to process biodegradable waste and produce biogas for power or heating/ cooking purposes. In addition organic fertilizer is a bonus. The design is so cheap that the payback period is almost one year. We take biogas projects for Farmers, Housing societies, Dairy farms and Small house holds. The price range starts from Rs.10,000/- Ex-factory for a small household having a 10Kg per day biomass to recycle.

(Dryon) Sanitary Napkin Pads

We are manufacturing DRYON sanitary napkin pads for maintaining hygiene during menstruation period for women. It can also be used by men who often have leakage problems due to piles and other colon problems. The persons having urine leakage problems due to Urinary tract infection or due to prostate problems can also find it helpful. The old age people can use it to be more confident while moving out of their homes. We are manufacturing three types of sanitary pads, Regular 240mm length with 60ml absorption, Drynet 280mm length with 100ml absorption and Anion 320mm length with 200ml absorption. The price starts with Rs.2.50 per piece for direct purchase from the factory. Please contact us for your retail and bulk requirements.


We have developed hollow concrete blocks for building construction technology. This technology make building construction faster, stronger and cheaper by way of saving on mortar requirement and labour involvement and also 2/3rd time saving. Overall building is 30% cheaper in construction cost. The hollow walls also provide almost 50% saving on heating and cooling load of the building for its life. Each hollow blocks replace 4 to 6 small bricks and can be made on site so that quality and strength is also ensured. The cost of each conctrete block comes to Rs.40 per piece. Please contact us for detailed information.

(Hari Air Cooler) Air Cooler cum smog tower

We have developed (HariAirCooler) for Solar/ Battery 12VDC and also for 220VAC applications. The item has been designed for 25 yrs life. The item can also be turned into smog tower for dissolving air impurities and provide pure air in big halls. The Air Cooler is moderately priced at Rs.5495/- ex-factory. Please contact us for details.

Tapping solar energy @Rs.1/- per unit

We are providing solar roof top and ground mounted systems, On-grid and Off-grid as per the requirement of the customer. The solar energy can be used for individual houses, cold storage, Vehicle charging on-Road, Welding workshops, Agricultural pumps etc. The solar power has gone very cheap now and payback time has been reduced to 2-3 years. It is right time people should go for solar power systems to become power independent, very much required in times of cyclones and natural calamities. Please contact us for details.



Now please do not throw away your biodegaradable waste. We have developed a home biogas plant to process small house waste of 5 kg per day. It converts biodegradable waste to biogas for 30 min stove and fertilizer for plants in kitchen garden. We also provide a specially modified biogas stove for this application. This item has been priced at ex-factory price of Rs.9950/-. Please contact us for purchase & details.

electric scooter1

Electric Scooter

We are franchisee of M/s EVOLET for selling their India developed and cheapest scooter. The vehicle is Battery powered and can run with a speed of 25 Km/hr with 150 Kg payload for a distance of 120 KM on single charge. This vehicle does not require any registration and license. We recommed helmet for riders for their own safety. Pl contact us for more details.


Hari solar oven

We have develoed Solar Oven to store solar thermal energy in direct heat form. The oven temperature goes upto 300 deg. C. We require a temperature of 100 deg.C for our cooking needs. The item is suitable for individual houses, remote places and the persons interested for saving on LPG gas. The flat owners who have regular sun exposure in balconies can also utilise this new equipment. The energy stored during the day is enough for cooking food any time in 24 hours for a family of 4. The item has been designed for 25 years of life and priced at Rs.25,000/- ex-factory.

gur wrapper

MVita Gur (jaggery)

We are manufacturer of Organic Gur (Jaggery) produced without use of harmful chemicals. We use natural plants of ladyfinger for use in purification of sugar cane juice to produce Jaggery. In this process it retains the useful and natural vitamins and minerals for human longevity. It has been priced at Rs.75/- per kg ex-factory. Please contact us for retail and bulk requirements.