We manufacture low power natural room air purifier 12V DC 15W with air flow of 16CFM for a hall of 15ft x 30 ft for direct use with solar power and batteries or use with 220V AC mains with an adopter. This naturally purifies room air, dissolves in water, all impurities like HCHO, TVOCs and filters PM 10/2.5 to provide clean and healthy air. It also traps Bacteria and Viruses spread in room air. It does not produce any harmful gases like ozone. This air purifier is a must have in residences and in offices for the persons feeling suffocation/ respiratory problems and low blood oxygen levels, specially in polluted Metro city areas and also dusty areas nearby mines, coal thermal power plants & construction sites. The ex-factory price is Rs.4,995/-. The color and wraper design can be as per your choice matching. We can also manufacture bigger sizes air filters/ smog towers for Community/ Society Open areas. Contact us for purchase directly or become our dealer.


We supply Agriculture products, fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and cold storage like Organic Gur, Potato, Tomato, Apples, Watermelon etc. The consumers and wholesellers may contact us for direct purchase of agriculture products from Farmers in Distt. BulandShahr in UP.

Biomass to fuel products

Bio-mass to fuel energy plants on turnkey basis. We also manufacture activated carbon for filling in the water filters and H2S filters


We produce DRYON sanitary pads for good health and hygiene. Our product range includes 320mm Anion chip pads 200ml absorption, 280mm regular chip 100ml absorption and 240mm regular with 60ml absorption capacity. The consumers may purchase from us directly on line/ on phone, can also become dealers to earn livelihood.


We are manufacturing hollow concrete blocks of 9″ wall sizes. Use of these blocks shall reduce construction cost by 40%, time to construct a house is reduced by 1/3rd. The airconditioning and heating load is reduced by 50%. We can provide manufacturing service at site also for big orders.


We are selling agent of M/s EVOLET for their indegenously developed electric 2-wheeler. People can purchase from us in Greater Noida area. To purchase this vehicle please contact us on line or phone. We are also in the process of developing Solar Electric Car with overall size- 5ft length x 3ft width x 5ft height, Wheel size & no.- 3 nos. 20″ cycle wheels, 2 in front & one in back, Electric motor size- 1000 Watts normal, 2000 Watts, emergency/ climbing, Battery power- 48 Volt, 4 nos 100 AH lead acid batteries, Solar panel- 250 Watts 48 Volts Emergency charging- Manual generator, Run in one charge- 300KM @25 km/hr speed (during day time) Charging time- 6hrs, Pay Load- 200 Kgs, 2 seater, Proposed cost of SECar- Rs.100,000/- (USD 1500)

We also manufacture 12VDC / 220V AC Solar Air Cooler (Rs.5000/-) which can run on solar plates, battery and also with AC Mains. HomeBioGas (Rs.9950/-), for coverting your biodegradable house waste upto 5kg per day, which will give you a one hour of stove heat daily to cook your food. We are developing Solar hydrogen cooking system (approx. price Rs.25,000/-) to provide full cooking requirement. Also developing Solar Oil Oven (approx price Rs.25,500/-), to cook your food with solar energy stored in oil heat. This system can be upscaled to provide cooking heat for bigger restaurants/ canteens. Please contact us for further details.

biogas stove1
air cooler


We can provide following equipment on order basis. we have developed/ under development, the technology for the following products.

  • Room Air Purifier, Community Air Purifier, Smog Towers, Dust control towers.
  • Roof top Wind Turbine (VAWT), Road side Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (1KW, 5KW
  • Bladeless wind turbine generator 1KW/ 5KW for roof tops.
  • Solar cold rooms/ cold storage,
  • Torrefied biomass pallets, Biomass briquettes, Biomass to Diesel, Biomass to Methane
  • Universal Biogas plant
  • Screw Hydro Turbine, 5KW, 10KW, working Head 2M-10M
  • Vortex hydro turbine head 1- 2 M
  • Automatic Gur (Jaggery) Process Plant.
  • Solar DIY kits- 500Watts, 1KW, 2KW & 5KW
  • Hollow concrete blocks 18″x9″x9″ (400x200x200 mm) and 18″x 4″x9″ (400x100x200 mm), as per IS 2185, saves 40% in building construction cost
  • Goat Milk Powder
  • Kheer Ready Mix powder
  • Tomato Ready Mix Powder
  • Natural/ Organic Gur