12V DC grid in small houses saves on cost of inverter and increases overall efficiency of lighting system. One can save on unnecessary electricity bills by remaining off-grid.


We are into putting up all weather vegetable farms for growing tomatoes, onions, etc. Also we are innovating in making ready mix for various agriculture products and also make ready mix food for human longevity.

Municipal Waste to Useful products

We are innovating cheaper alternatives for converting Municipal waste to useful products. the plastic waste can be converted to door panels, roof top panels etc. and remaining waste can be converted to diesel and bio-char. The Bio-Char can be used as a fertilizer in agriculture fields as a rich source of carbon and other minerals.

low energy turbines

We are innovating roof top wind turbines for use at all building roofs to harness small energy available in seasonal wind areas. We are also into making screw / vortex hydro turbines for use in low water current areas with heads of 1M to 10 M to harness energy at the point of utilization.

INNOVATIVE Solar Hydrogen

We are innovating CO2/ Air Fuel Cell and solar Hydrogen system for producing Hydrogen and Electricity together for lighting and hydrogen for cooking for a period of 25 years with minimum recycling costs.

SOLAR, air, electric hybrid MOBILITY

We are in the process of developing Solar- air- Electric hybrid vehicle. For this we are developing a small Tesla Turbine to be run with compressed air to charge the batteries on the go and thus increasing the life of batteries and continuous use of vehicle without waiting for battery charging. Such arrangement shall have a lifetime of 25 years and low changing frequency of batteries.


We invite collaborations to innovate in following areas.

  • Floating Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Methane/ Hydrogen & Cooking systems,
  • Roof top Wind Turbine (VAWT)
  • Hydroelectric cell/ CO2 Fuel Cell/ Air Metal Battery, Energy storage systems
  • Biomass briquettes, Biomass to Diesel, Biomass to Methane
  • Universal Biogas plant
  • Screw Hydro Turbine, 5KW, 10KW, working Head 2M-10M
  • Vortex hydro turbine head 1- 2 M
  • Automatic Gur (Jaggery) Process Plant.
  • Room and Office Air Cleaner/ Dust controller
  • Hollow concrete blocks 18″x9″x6″ and 9″x 4″x9″, save 30% in building construction cost
  • Plastic waste to useful products such as door panels, roof top panels etc.
  • High speed Tesla Turbine to run on air.
  • Animal Power generator thru compressed air energy storage.
  • All weather vegetable crops
  • Sewer water separation, utilization and management.
  • Activated carbon, Bio-char from agriculture waste, coconut shells.
  • Activated carbon Filters for air purification, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) removal from Bio-gas etc.