SUB: Quotation for Universal Biogas Plant, digester size 1m3 and above, along with equivalent gas storage.


Dear Sir,

We, at Harihar Energy, are developing new techniques to utilize natural resources of energy, otherwise going waste. Our unit M/s. Harihar Renewables Projects, are engaged in harnessing the renewable energy potential of the country through cheapest systems. As per estimates our country has a renewable energy potential of 2000GW including solar, Organic waste, Wind and Ocean power.

We have developed solar cold storage of 50 tons capacity along with 20KW solar roof top off-grid project working since 2017, Universal Biogas Plant 10 Kg per day of cow dung and Biomass working since Aug.2020. We are also manufacturing Natural Air Purifier, DRYON sanitary pads, DC/AC air cooler cum smog towers, hollow concrete blocks of 9” sizes for use in faster construction of buildings.

We present here our estimates for universal biogas plant for 10 Kg/per day and above of bio-degradable kitchen/bio-waste processing. The biogas and fertilizer cost pays back for the biogas plant in six months time.


Sl.no. Biogas plant size (Gas Storage) Space channel requirement Biomass per day Gas per day Estimates


1 1M3 (1M3) 10’ L x 2’ W x 3’ H 10 kg, wet 600 liters Rs.10,000/-
2 3M3 (3m3) 30’ L x 2’ W x 3’ H 50 kg, wet 3000 liters Rs.40,000/-
3 5M3 (5M3) 50’ L x 2’ W x 3’ H 100 Kg, wet 6000 liters Rs.75,000/-

Scope of work: Biogas plant with design, supply, erection and commissioning including one-year replacement guarantee against design defects. Higher capacity biogas plants can be designed and supplied as per specific requirements. One modified bio gas stove shall be supplied with one biogas plant.

Exclusions: The required space channel construction can be done at extra cost. The biomass pulveriser to the size of 10mm, if required, shall be supplied at extra cost. Any other requirement as per project shall be provided as per actuals. Suitable water availability near biogas plant.

Space requirement: The Owner shall provide a lockable and shaded space with channel to house the biogas plant. It can be provided on ground as well as on roof top.

Accommodation: One room may be allowed to be used by our erection staff for the time of erection activities free of cost.

Payment Terms:  50% along with order, 50% on installation and commissioning.

You are requested to kindly oblige us with your valuable order please.