Tapping Nature's free power to all

We are suppliers of following products:

1.  Fruits like Apples, Musambi, Pomegranate, Orange, Watermelon, etc.

2. Vegetables like Potato, Onions, Cucumber Chukander, Peas, Watermelon etc. stored in our cold rooms.

3. Air Cleaner with water washing technology.

4. Roof top Wind Turbine (VAWT) of 1KW and 5KW capacity.

5. Screw Hydro Turbine 5KW and 10KW capacity with head 2m to 10m

6. Solar PV modules with Battery, charge controller and inverter system, 500Watt, 1KW, 5KW, 10KW capacity.

7. Personal Hygiene products such as Sanitary Pads under brand name 'DRYON'

8. Goat milk powder, good for treating dengue and other diseases, overall body rejuvenation.

9. Organic MVita GUR (Jaggery) made from sugar cane, good for body rejuvenation, cleaning lungs, avoids cancer, increases Hb, blood circulation, provides minerals required for healthy body

10 Solar Electric Car (SEJANTA)

Health Products

We are manufacturer of following Health products in our factories located in National Capital Region-


  • Sanitary Napkin Pads "DRYON" Regular size 240 mm 60 ml liquid absorption. The Product is made for Indian general population and is cheapest in its catagory.
  • Sanitary Napkin Pads "DRYON" Anion herbal 320 mm 200 ml liquid absorption, Ultra Thin, XXL size. The Product is fully biodegradable, body friendly and eco-friendly
  • Air cleaner with water washing technology
  • Natural/ Organic MVita GUR made from sugar cane without use of any chemicals. Natural GUR is quite beneficial for cleaning Lungs in polluted cities/ atmosphere, helping digestion and rejuvenation of human body ensuring longevity. It provide natural minerals required for a healthy body and does not increase diabetes.
  • Goat Milk Spray made from goat milk. The goat milk has qualities at par with human milk and restores body immunity. It is very good for recovery from Dengue fever and other debilitating diseases.
  • Kheer Ready Mix Powder 
  • Khichdi Ready Mix Powder

We Produce

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