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We are manufacturer of following types of Sanitary Napkin Pads brand "DRYON"


As per world health organisation (WHO) 65% human deaths in India are occuring due to Non-Communicable diseases. Mostly females are getting cervical cancer due to poor level of hygiene during menstruation period. As per survey 80% women/ adult girls in India do not use sanitary pads due to its unavailability in remote areas and also due to its high cost. So far mostly foreign companies have captured the market in big cities by having high level of advertisements.

Now we have developed indeginous Sanitary Pads and producing the same in India for supply to Indian population at cheapest cost.

Our brand "DRYON" has been lauched in two catagories:

1. ANION, Wings, Ultra Thin, XXL, 320mm, 200ml.

2. Regular,  Wings, size L, 240mm, 60ml.

DRYON Technical Specifications


DRYON Sanitary Napkin Pads have been developed for Indian population with following specifications:

Anion chip pads- (Rs.65 for 6 pads, Rs.105/- for 10 pads),

Super saver pack (Rs.165/- for 20 pads)

  • Anion chip to make it fully body friendly,
  • Anion (negatively charged) to stop any infecting germs. 
  • Ultra-violet treated for zero infection
  • Long shelf life of three years after manufacturing.
  • Side wings for keeping in position while moving
  • No- fungal infection
  • No Etching sensation
  • Extra soft for soft skin areas
  • Ultra thin for working females and students to fit in without bulge.
  • Full day use, even for heavy days, to absorb 200ml liquid.
  • Extra large (XXL) to fit every body type- 320mm length
  • Easily decomposes in 6 months after use, in open sun. 

Regular chip pads- (Rs.40 for 6pads, Rs.60/- for 10 pads)

Super saver pack (Rs.101/- for 20 pads)

  • Regular chip pads for making it easily affordable to general public.
  • Large enough to fit teenage girls and thin ladies, 240mm size
  • Small and light periods, to absorb 60ml liquid.
  • Side wings for keeping in place while moving
  • Cheapest design and least cost to Indian population.

To Purchase- Pl call Mrs. Prabha Sharma, +919871082568,

                            Mr. Parth Sharma- 9560358548, 9818679226

Purchase 10 packets (each packet containing 6/10/20 pads) with free delivery across India. Suitable discounts for distributors, wholesale rates for purchase of 100 packets.

For wholesale rates please contact us.

DRYON Sanitary Pads