Tapping Nature's free power to all

Center for Advance Technologies

Center for Advance Technologies is being set up at SURENDRA UDYAN (Surendra Garden) near Anoopshahr, Distt. Bulandshahr, UP, India, on the banks of Holy River Ganga. Following facilities are proposed to be available in the complex.

a. Trading in Fruits and vegetables, Cold storage

The agro business of storing of fruits & vegetables in cold storage and selling in market to get higher prices will be carried out for increasing farmers income and creating employment in rural areas.  

b. Solar energy development center

The technology of solar energy shall be developed to make a cheap solutions to the rural population.

c. Naturopathy, Yoga & Long Stay Homes

The naturopathy, yoga and long stay homes (NYLSH) have been designed to accommodate 200 couples of all ages for treatment through alternative medical system such as Naturopathy, Yoga, Homeopathy, magneto therapy etc. while accommodating the patients including old age couples on long term stay basis. The couples shall have facility to stay lifelong in the complex against certain amount of refundable deposits. 

d. Hydro energy equipment development center

There is a lot of potential of hydro energy equipment in India, such as screw hydro turbine, bulb turbine etc. which shall be developed and manufactured. 

e. Wind Energy equipment development center

There is a lot of scope of roof top wind energy turbines in India. India has seasonal winds in northern areas and regular winds at the vast line of coastal areas. A new breed of wind turbines shall be developed and manufactured in the center. 

f. Biomass energy development center

Lot of biomass gets generated in india, which needs processing to make fuel oil through fast pyrolysis system. The biogas can also be generated by decomposing the matter in anerobic condition to make fertiliser as a by product. The plastic waste can be recycled. All these technologies shall be utilised to generate useful material and employment. The ash shall be utilised to make bricks.  

g. Goat milk powder/ ready mix food plant

The plant to produce goat milk powder and ready mix food items shall be installed in the complex.

h. Gur processing plant  

The GUR ( Jaggery) plant shall be modernised and established to produce good quality GUR full of minerals and vitamins. The GUR shall be marketed to foreign countries to earn good amount of foreign exchange.

i. Solar electric vehicle plant

There is a huge demand of solar electric vehicle in India due to high diesel and petrol cost. A cheapest solution of two whelear and three whealer/ cars shall be developed to provide an affordable vehicle transport to general masses.

j. Interlocking bricks plant

The Interlocking bricks and hollow blocks have have a big potential of market in India. Various types pavement blocks/ bricks and wall construction hollow blocks shall be manufactured in this plant.