Tapping Nature's free power to all

About us

Harihar Energy Enterprises is engaged in establishing our own solar power plant of 1MW capacity in Village Berchhadatar, Distt. Shajapur, MP as IPP to supply power to our client out of state under ISTS mechanism.

Harihar Renewable Projects is engaged in providing renewable energy solutions to customers. our first project of 10KW Off-grid solar PP has been commissioned in Jan 2018 to provide power to a cold storage in Distt. Buland shahr, UP.

B.L.Agro Enterprises, Vill. Lohra, Distt. Bulandshahr, UP,  is engaged in managing its own cold storage of 50 Ton vegetable capacity. we keep our own agriculture produce like Potato, Tomato, Cucumber, Watermelon, Onion, Peas etc. and sell it when good price is available in the market.

Centre for Advance Energy Technologies is going to be established in Dasna-Gulaothi Industrial Area of Ghaziabad. The centre will commercialise various new technologies, such as Screw Hydro Turbine, Roof Top wind Turbine (VAWT), Hydroelectric cell, Salt water flow battery for energy storage, etc. 

Harihar High Tech Kutir Udyog is an enterpreneurship venture to manufacture high technology products useful for personal hygene. A sanitary Napkin Pad with a brand name of 'Feel Easy' and 'Smart Feel' is the first such effort. The Sanitary Pad shall be made of biodegradable material sourced from swedeshi companies. 

India is a big country having renewable energy potential of 2700GW of which only 100GW (4%) is being tapped so far. Govt. of India has set a target of tapping 225GW by 2022. We are working in the direction of providing new and cheaper technologies to the society so as to achieve the target set for 2022.

We are also providing guidance to students and new persons entering in the field of renewable energy to establish their own ventures. We provide them system design & consultancy in the renewable energy.